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Love Is Not Tourism is a global grassroots movement dedicated to reuniting binational couples and families who have been forcibly separated by travel bans and border closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Situation in Germany

From 10 August 2020 the Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat allows the unmarried partners from third countries who are not on the “Positive List” to visit their partner living in Germany (German, EU citizen or third-country national with an existing residence permit in Germany).

According to the FAQ of the BMI, it must be a long term relationship, duly attested by:

  • an invitation from the person resident in Germany together with a copy of the inviting person's identity papers,
  • a relationship declaration form signed by both partners on the relationship with the contact details of both partners, and
  • other evidence of previous personal meetings in an appropriate form, in particular by means of passport stamps or travel documents/flight tickets or a common residence abroad; alternatively, supplementary evidence by means of photographs, social media, letter/email correspondence, etc.

On 17 Nov 2020, the FAQ has been updated, stating that it is irrelevant wether previous meetings have been in Germany or another state. This enables all couples to reunite in Germany, as long as they can prove any previous meetings in person.

Update 03 Dec 2020: The Bundespolizei has added a PDF relationship declaration form in German, English and French. The original document has to be signed by both partners.

Update 09 Dec 2020: Individuals entering Germany to visit their partners are exempted from Quarantine. In most cases a negative test taken after or up to 48 hours prior to arrival is required to qualify for the exemption. The exact regulations are stipulated by the individual states

Update 29 Jan 2021: Brazil has been declared a mutation country and therefore entry of non-married partners who have been in Brazil in the last 14 days is again forbidden.

Update 08 Apr 2021: Since the Netherlands have been labelled as a “State with high risk”, you now need to quarantine 10 days after arrival (in NRW you can break after 5 days of quarantine with a negative test). You also need a negative PCR-test or an official reviewed rapid test to enter the country. (Source)

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