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Due to uprising mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, many states have repealed their regulations regarding unmarried couples. I am currently reviewing the situtation. Until then, countries will be listed as "unclear status".

Partners cannot enter

  1. Iceland
  2. (All Others)

Partners Can Enter

  1. Belgium



Binational couples, stand up for your love!

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I created this website to bring lovers and family members together, who have been separated by border closures and travel restrictions. All we can do is take action and show that there is a problem that needs to be solved by our leaders and governments.

We are growing in numbers! Below, you can find a number of communities and fellow websites who have the same goal: Reunite with our loved ones. You should definitely check them out!

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Success Stories Photo Gallery Partner Website Remove The Cap Australia Facebook Group 1 "Love Is Not Tourism" Facebook Group 2 "Couples Separated By Travel Bans"

! Take action in your country

There are multiple petitions to ease travel restrictions for lovers and family members in various places. Show that there is a problem and sign them now!

Contact your country's leader, your ministry of home affairs, or whatever you can find to make yourselves heard. Even politicians are humans. Let them know you are suffering and make them aware of how many international couples actually exist!

International Love and Robin Maximilian Brüne created an incredibly detailed Google Document containing information and news for lots of different countries, even more countries than currently included on this website. It also has links to lots of other documents.

Countries and Regions

Below is a list of helpful information organized by country, that was contributed by our community. If you want to submit or add a section about your country, click on "Edit this page" or start a thread on so that others can help you.

Note: I did not create these petitions, they are organized by local people in their individual countries. I can't create petitions for you. If you want a petition for your country, you have to start one yourself.

AT Austria

The situation in Austria has been clarified. On this ministry website (in the 4th section) they clearly state:

Als LebenspartnerInnen zählen für uns alle Menschen, die sich in einer fixen Beziehung befinden, unabhängig davon, ob sie den gleichen Wohnsitz teilen oder wie lange die Beziehung bereits dauert.

So they define life partners as all persons who are in a fixed relationship, regardless of whether they live together or how long the relationship has existed. And they are exempted from the entry restrictions. We still hear reports of airlines not being properly informed about this, so be careful and call your airline when in doubt.

AU Australia

Australia has very strict measures that put an inhumane arrival cap and total exit ban on residents, that is rumoured to remain in place until mid 2021. You can find a dedicated Google document here. Visit the Australia Compassion Thread in the forums to discuss possible solutions with others.

Remove The Cap Australian Petition

BA Brazil

According to the Forum Thread about Brazil, international travel restrictions in Brazil have been fully lifted. This might not be an opening in regard to #LoveIsNotTourism, but open is open.

Brazil Petition

BE Belgium

Verified 26 Feb 2021

According to the Belgian Immigration Office, partners can get a short visit (90 days) in Belgium if they "prove a relationship of at least one year, during which they have physically seen each other physically at least twice, for at least 20 days." IBZ also states that "If a visit has had to be cancelled due to travel restrictions (Covid-19), evidence of the forced cancellation of that visit may be taken into consideration during the planned new visit." You might be able to get a travel certificate before travelling, such as the one offered by the Belgian consulates in the United States, by contacting your local Belgian consulate.

Belgium Facebook Page facebook.comBelgium Facebook Group facebook.comBelgium Google Drive

CA Canada

Our partner group Advocacy for Family Reunification at the Canadian Border has announced success in regards to reuniting couples. To summarize, requirements for entry involve a vaild ETA/VISA and an affidavit describing an at least 1-year relationship. A lawyer/notary will have to assess the relationship and certify the affidavit. Essentially, your Canadian lawyer/notary will do the work for the CBSA so there should not be any CBSA discretion/abuse. We also know that there are compassionate exemptions, and the definition of family now includes grandparents/grandchildren, siblings, etc. There is also an exemption for international students now.For details and further questions, you can reach out to them via their Facebook Page, their Facebook Group or on Twitter or Instagram.

Please also use the letter templates in the main document to email Canadian officials. For example francois‑, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Canada

Official Petition ourcommons.caFamily Petition change.orgTemp. Residents Petition change.orgSpousal Sponsorship change.orgSpousal Sponsorship

If you like, you can also check out the Canadian/American Podcast 1091 Meters to Love. They recently invited me to join them for an Episode about #LoveIsNotTourism which will be released soon.

There is also an organized group on Facebook that is fighting for spousal visa applicants. Here's what they say:

We advocate for the accelerated reunification of families with ongoing spousal sponsorship applications, by the creation of a “Special Temporary Resident Visa” for the time that application is processed. IRCC’s target is to process most applications within twelve months and the pandemic has made matters even worse. The tourist visas are almost always refused. As a result couple are kept apart for several months’ sometimes extending to several years.

If you're affected or interested join them on Facebook and sign their petition.

CH Switzerland

From 3 August, anyone with a partner in Switzerland will be able to enter the country if they can provide proof of the relationship. You can read more about this change in the official press release. Please also be aware of Switzerland's quarantine regulations.

AT/CH/DE Petition

Twitter: @ignaziocassis @SwissMFA @EDA_DFAE

CL Chile

Chile has a petition you can sign.

Chile Petition

CO Colombia

Colombia has a petition you can sign, and a Facebook group.

Colombia Petition change.orgColombia FB Group

There is also evidence that international flights in Colombia might resume in September. You can discuss this and other topics in the Colombia Thread in the Forums.

CZ Czechia

Czechia has announced on their website that they are allowing partners to enter under certain circumstances. Here is an excerpt from the announcement, translated by our Discord Community:

“These are, for example, Czech-American couples. From next week, Czechs will be able to invite their partners from abroad, from countries outside the EU, to the Czech Republic to see each other after a few months. This will require a solemn declaration confirming the long-term relationship and that they assume certain obligations similar to married couples. The partners will be able to prove the relationship, for example, with a joint lease agreement, a joint bank account or a birth certificate of common children.” explained Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček one of the key passages of the new Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health.

We have new information that these rules only apply to people from visa free countries. This means only partners who did not need a visa to enter Czechia before can benefit from the change. You can find more information and discuss this issue in the Czechia Forum Post.

Czechia Petition

Twitter Accounts: @AndrejBabis @TPetricek @jhamacek @USAmbPrague @CzechMFA @CzechEmbassyDC @CzechConsNY @CzechUNNY @USEmbassyPrague @DKAmbCzechia @mzvcr

DE Germany

From 10 August 2020 the Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat allows the unmarried partners from third countries who are not on the "Positive List" to visit their partner living in Germany (German, EU citizen or third-country national with an existing residence permit in Germany).

According to the FAQ of the BMI, it must be a long term relationship, duly attested by:

  • an invitation from the person resident in Germany together with a copy of the inviting person's identity papers,
  • a relationship declaration form signed by both partners on the relationship with the contact details of both partners, and
  • other evidence of previous personal meetings in an appropriate form, in particular by means of passport stamps or travel documents/flight tickets or a common residence abroad; alternatively, supplementary evidence by means of photographs, social media, letter/email correspondence, etc.

On 17 Nov 2020, the FAQ has been updated, stating that it is irrelevant wether previous meetings have been in Germany or another state. This enables all couples to reunite in Germany, as long as they can prove any previous meetings in person.

Update 03 Dec 2020: The Bundespolizei has added a PDF relationship declaration form in German, English and French. The original document has to be signed by both partners.

Update 09 Dec 2020: Individuals entering Germany to visit their partners are exempted from Quarantine. In most cases a negative test taken after or up to 48 hours prior to arrival is required to qualify for the exemption. The exact regulations are stipulated by the individual states

Update 08 Apr 2021: Since the Netherlands have been labelled as a "State with high risk", you now need to quarantine 10 days after arrival (in NRW you can break after 5 days of quarantine with a negative test). You also need a negative PCR-test or an official reviewed rapid test to enter the country. (Source)

ES Spain

Spanish Petition

@interiorgob @AranchaGlezLaya @sanchezcastejon @SpainMFA @manuelmunizv @GlobalSpain @MAECgob @PSOE

FI Finland

Finnish Petition

Effective August 10, 2020 - The Finnish Border Guard:

Restriction Category 2: "applies to all external border traffic other than that referred to in Section 3. This category includes entry from Russia, Canada, the United States, Australia and Turkey, for example."
"relationships between people who live in different countries (“long-distance relationships”) are accepted, as are other committed ways of being together"

FR France

For France, you can find a list of relevant contacts in the France Google document.

French Petition 1 change.orgFrench Petition 2 change.orgFacebook Group 1 facebook.comFacebook Group 2 facebook.comFR / RU Petition

According to Forbes - August 10, 2020

"Now, couples–where France is the main country of residence for one person–can apply for a pass (un laissez-passer) for the other partner to enter, according to The Local.
France's Secretary of State in charge of tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, told Le Journal du Dimanche that a procedure would be put in place to get couples back together. Couples must present documents at their local consulate to show evidence of one partner’s proof of residence, identity documents, return transport tickets, etc.
They must also show proof that the relationship is lasting and sentimental, showing common invoices, bank accounts, rental lease agreements and passport stamps of frequent visits to the country."

JP Japan

We just added a new petition that calls to allow foreign partners of Japanese citizens to enter Japan. The other petition is aiming to allow foreign students and workers to enter Japan, which might be helpful for couples as well.

JP Partners Petition change.orgJP Students Petition

IT Italy

As of 8-September there is a partial solution in place. Most countries can enter to see a partner with a simple self-declaration. However, some countries remain on a banned list.

Official Rules for Foreigners Entering Italy


Am I allowed to enter? A tool from the Italian Government to determine



Italy Petition 1 change.orgItaly Petition 2

Tweet @ these accounts

IS Iceland

The Icelandic ministry of home affais contacted me, clarifying the following:

Foreigners in a long-term intimate relationship with an Icelandic citizen or a person who legally resides in Iceland can be exempt from the current restrictions. Meaning, only those who are in a relationship with an Icelandic citizen/resident may enter Iceland based on this exemption clause. Further information can be found on the Icelandic police’s website.

At the moment, it looks like only "cohabiting" partners of icelandic citizens may enter.

LV Latvia

@krisjaniskarins @Brivibas36 @SandisGirgens @IeM_PMLP @LVinEU @Latvian_MFA @arlietas @janisbekeris

Latvian Petition

LT Lithuania

In Lithuania a partial solution has been adopted. it is now possible to apply for entry as a "spouse-to-be" of a Lithuanian citizen, EU/Schengen area country citizen or a resident. From 31th October 2020 a new Order of the Minister of Justice (in Lithuanian, point 64) allows to initiate marriage remotely: by sending the required documents to Civil Registry Office by post, courier or electronically. With the date of marriage confirmed by the Office, it must be applied (rules in Lithuanian)

for the exemptionary permit to enter the country (prepared by the Ministry of Justice and approved by the Government), and, once ready, it becomes a valid ground for asking for a visa and entering the country in order to finalize marriage in person.

Lithuania Petition

NL Netherlands

The Netherlands have changed their regulations on 27 July. Read more about it on their government website. You can find a Google translated version here

To request an exemption, you will need this dutch relationship declaration form.

Dutch Petition

@Rijksoverheid @MinPres @RobJetten @RaymondKnops @KajsaOllongren @ferdgrapperhaus

NO Norway

Norway is allowing couples to reunite! Here is an excerpt from the website translated by @juliabeate:

Families and sweethearts can visit their loved ones in Norway from July 15. For sweethearts there is a document where you have to declare your relationship, and it needs to be signed by the person of reference (the person who lives in Norway). It's a requirement that the relationship has lasted for 9 months, and that you have met each other in person at least once before. You also need to document you have a place to stay to do your 10 day quarantine.

If you are from a visa-free country, you can travel without a visa. If you are from a country where you need a visa, you'll still need a visa to travel. Check VFS Global to see where it's open closest to you.

PL Poland

Polish Petition

Twitter: @prezydentpl @Morawieckipl

SE Sweden

Sweden's official government website states, that unmarried partners are allowed to enter if their intention is to enter into marriage or a common-law/cohabitation partnership with their partner and if they can document previous physical contact (e.g. with photographs) and that the relationship is serious.

Check out the discussion board for sweden for more details and advice.

There is a petition to change Sweden's regulations:

Swedish Petition


According to the Application form for entry into Singapore, it is now possible to apply for entry as a "spouse-to-be" of a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident. However, as of 24 Nov 2020, we have no reports on how well that actually works in practice.

Singaporean Petition

UK United Kingdom

UK Petition

@BorisJohnson @KarenPierceUK @10DowningStreet @UKParliament @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @Conservatives @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour @theresa_may @PreetKGillMP @FeryalClark @Keir_Starmer @RoyalFamily @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan @Keir_Starmer @pritipatel

US United States

Krishni Metivier created a letter and 7-day campaign to reach U.S. government officials. Go check it out!

WhiteHouse Petition Sign by September 11, 2020 US& EU Petition US& UK Petition 7-Day U.S.Campaign Petition

@JoeBiden @POTUS @StateDept @ABlinken @PressSec @jrpsaki @PeteButtigieg @WhiteHouse @DHSgov @EUintheUS @GOPLeader @SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @McConnellPress @senatemajldr @SenSchumer @USAmbUK @EUAmbUS @petegauthier @chuckschumer @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @TheDemocrats @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @ewarren @SenWarren @AOC @RepAOC @BernieSanders @SenSanders @LeaderHoyer @HomelandDems @davidaxelrod @JECDems @COVIDOversight @OversightDems @RepMaloney @FLOTUS @DrBiden @HHSgov

Your country is missing? Go to and post the information or petition. It will then be added to the website.

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